D.A.I.R. Foundation is committed to integrity in academics and research and exists to support scientists, doctors, and researchers working in the best interest of the public health whose efforts have come under intense and unfair scrutiny.

These researchers who are met with opposition and injustice when their work challenges special interests can reassert themselves with our support. Despite these inauspicious situations, truth and justice can prevail.

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In history, the simple act of putting a structure in place to defend what seem to be insurmountable challenges can produce results. The D.A.I.R. Foundation is one such structure for Defending Academic Integrity and Research.

Healthcare professionals and scientists working in the public interest – particularly those involved in researching health safety for environmental, agricultural and pharmaceutical concerns – are coming under industry scrutiny as never before. Without scientific research and discovery, the truth cannot be assured.

Without legal support for justice, special interests ranged against independent health research are seemingly insurmountable, and yet the consequence of not protecting these professionals who dedicate their careers to public health is free-reign for large industries to treat humanity as nothing more than a market place.

“Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.” -Augustus Hare back to top

What We Do

Justice is accessible only to those who can afford it. D.A.I.R. Foundation provides legal aid, coordinated public relations support, and educational materials that support the work of our sponsored applicants.

Imagine a world stifled from knowing about important health considerations because it simply did not meet with corporate interests. Further, imagine a society is chronically ill and suffering from the very practices that are currently in place as public policy and no one speaking out about these concerns. Life as we know it would not be sustainable.

Now imagine interrupting that stifled future with new findings that inform the choices people make and the policies that shape public health.

D.A.I.R. Foundation organizes fundraisers with our presentations that will leave you with a new perspective regarding health and policy. The dinners take place across the country – one or two in each state - over the next two years. Our next event is in May 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Contact Us

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead back to top

Information for Interested Applicants

D.A.I.R. Foundation has an open request for proposals from researchers, physicians, scientists, and academic policy drivers who have come under attack and are interested in applying for legal aid. Please Contact Us and note in the subject line “Applicant Inquiry”. Applicants follow an approval review process. Applicants who are accepted will be expected to agree to terms and conditions of the legal aid process to include partnership in strategy that assures success and can be leveraged in future cases, proceeds to D.A.I.R. Foundation following legal compensation, and development of educational and public relations materials. We also assist in reputation management.

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How Can You Help?

Please allow your advocates at D.A.I.R. Foundation to fight on your behalf. Consider a donation to D.A.I.R. Foundation.

DAIR Foundation is a Texas nonprofit corporation with 501c3 tax-exempt status pending; EIN 46-2842394. Contact dairinquiries@gmail.com for any additional questions.

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